Website Design

Your website is your best sales tool.
Your website is your best sales tool.

Sure, you’re current website may look pretty, but is it bringing you more sales? A good website isn’t an “auto-biography” on your biz, but rather an “auto-pilot saleperson” that delivers tangible results.

Web Design

Not every business needs a website, so before you start working on your website, you’ll need to perform a thorough analysis of your business’s marketing strategy so you what role your website will have in your sales funnel.

So whether you’re looking for a simple “online business card” website or a “market leadership” web presence that brings you leads 24/7, it has to be a valuable resource for your “interested buyers” or your website will fail.

User Friendly Experience

The look of your website and its navigates creates a strong first-impression to all visitors. If your site looks like it was designed by amateurs, then people will think that YOUR business is run by amateurs (as is usually the case when a friend, staff, or nephew designs you a website).

Put your best foot forward, so that you come across as a trustworthy and credible business.

Mobile Marketing

As mobile devices continue to massively outsell traditional computers, more and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets as their primary internet-enabled device. This that today’s consumers expect you to have a mobile friendly site; one that makes your website accessible via netbook, tablet and smartphone.

Web Hosting

Hosting has become a cheap commodity, so whatever you have or you can get is probably fine. This site is hosted on Hostgator, if you were curious.

Content Management System

A CMS allows your non-technical staff to edit and update your company website without having any coding skills. This site uses WordPress.

Landing Page

If you’re paying for traffic with Pay-per-click or banner ads on the internet, then you need a landing page to collect the names and emails of your “interested buyers” so you can market them long after they’ve left your website. Landing pages bring you profitable leads.