Internet Marketing

You don’t need to go through great lengths to get new customers, when they’re already searching the internet for your services.

New powerful technologies have made marketing cheaper, faster, better and more profitable than ever before. Is your business relevant in the 21st century?

PPC (Pay Per Click) Paid Advertising

If you are trying to build market leadership in your business category, then a Pay Per Click campaign may bring you the biggest bang for your buck. How you approach PPC on Facebook, Google or Yelp will play a large role on your success. PPC is not recommended for all business types as it can easily be a horrendous waste of your time and money, so we’ll perform an in-depth analysis to determine if PPC is right for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Local

Building the website was half the battle, next you need to make sure that your customers are actually finding your business online. With millions of websites out there competing for your attention, how will ensure that your business is found by your customers and not be lost on the vast internet? That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes into play. I make the necessary modifications and tune-ups to your website so that it brings in the highest number of quality leads.

Google Places listing and optimization

Do you have a local business in the Sacramento region? Do your customers travel to your business? If so, then a Google Places listing is essential to bring in more customers looking for your service and products, and you don’t even need to have a website to set one up. Let us help you throughout Google’s application processes and set it up the right way.

Web Traffic Metrics + Analysis Tools = Internet Data for Better Marketing

New internet technologies have made it possible for businesses to track and measure customer behavior.

How much traffic are you getting? Can you convert that traffic into new leads? New customers? What pages are they clicking on? What are they looking for when they type into your search bar? How much time are they spending on your site? Who sent them to your site? How are you stacking up against your competitors? Which strategies are your successful competitors are leveraging online?

With modern internet web metrics you can learn all this and more about your target market. By being able to gathering quantitative data through your website, you’ll be able to make better informed decisions when marketing your business.